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What to Expect: Getting Braces for the First Time...

Today we will discuss several famous questions about getting braces...What to expect? Will it hurt? How long does it take?

Getting braces for the first time can be scary because it's all very new; but have no fear, nothing hurts here! We treat all our patients like family and want you to feel 100% comfortable  while you're here. 

Once you sign in on the touch screen at the front desk, an orthodontic assistant will call you back into the clinic where she will start to prepare you for your braces by laying you back in a comfy chair, cleaning the front surface of each tooth, then drying them to allow the braces to stick. Your assistant will then call the Doctor over to place an individual bracket on each of your teeth. Every bracket will be cured with a bright blue light, two wires will be placed on you top and lower arches, and ties will be added in your color choice to hold everything together. YOUR FINISHED! This entire process takes about an hour and is completely pain free. 

Before you leave the office your assistent will go over some tips and trick on eating and cleaning your new braces as well as answer any questions you have.