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Why Headgear?!?


Not many patients get excited to hear that they will need to wear headgear. Movies have shown kids wearing it to school and getting made fun of for having a big piece of metal around their head but if you wear it correctly…all night, every night… nobody will ever have to know you have it!!

Headgear is a pretty simple appliance used to correct your bite.  There are several different types that move your teeth in a different way but the basic idea is still the same… It all begins with bands being placed around 2 of your upper molars. Then the Orthodontic Assistant will try on a few different size bows…the U shaped metal bar that sits around the outside of your face…to find your size. Once you are fitted properly she will teach you how to connect it to the bands around your molars and tighten it in with a padded strap around the back of your neck. This appliance works so well if worn correctly to can actually prevent you from needing jaw surgery later in life! That’s big!!!

So…it really is that simple!! If you wear it overnight, every night your friends will have no idea you ever needed headgear and hopefully you will have fixed your bite all by yourself. YAY YOU!!