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Daily Routine to Prevent White Spots

WHITE SPOTS!!!!! The simple thought of having these irreversible bright spots on your or your child's teeth when their braces are removed is rightfully terrifying! But it doesn't need to be if you take a few simple steps to care for your teeth every day. 

Step 1: Brush...Brush...Brush....Brush and then BRUSH!!! No need for any fancy, spinning, timed, or rotating tools just brush your teeth. Everyday. And especially after eating or drinking sugar.

Step 2: Use a proxy brush. The little Christmas tree shaped brush we give every patient after getting their braces is meant to be carried with you everywhere you go so that when you're at school, or work, or at the movies you can get food out of your braces and off your teeth. Food of any kind that sits in your teeth all day can be a reason for cavities and eventually white spots, so get it off!

Step 3: Rinse. If you find yourself without the ability to brush or use a proxy brush, rinse with water. And at night after you have brushed use an over the counter fluoride rinse to strengthen the enamel and help prevent cavities and white spots!

See! It's not so hard after all.  You've got this! BRUSH, and RINSE!!