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Braces Wires...What Are They?

Braces wires are called ARCH WIRES by your Orthodontist and assistants because they connect the teeth in each arch together. . The wires are the force that pulls, pushes, and turns teeth to align them into a straight smile.  

There are many different types, sizes, forces, and shapes of wire; each one is used to move a tooth a certain way. Typically the first few wires tied onto your braces will be made of nickel titanium alloy (NITI).  Nickel Titanium was developed during the Apollo mission that put New Armstrong on the moon, in 1969. Niti is a very unique metal because it does not take the shape of anything. It will always force its way back to its original shape making it a perfect tool for the Orthodontist. When the assistant bends the NITI wire into each bracket on your teeth, it immediately begins to try to forg=ce itself back into a straight line while slowly pulling your teeth in line with it. A wire can also be made out of stainless steel. These wire are SNUG feeling and hand your teeth in one place while we make other adjustments to things like your bite. 

Wires are easily the most important tool used for braces. So the next time your wire is being changed think about how far technology has come and how cool the wires themselves are.