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What to Expect When Getting Braces Removed

Getting your braces removed is always an exciting and much anticipated appointment! So, here’s a quick overview of what to expect on this exciting day.

First things first, your Orthodontist will pop the brackets off your teeth using a plier that separates the braces from the glue used to keep them attached. WOO HOO!! #bybybraces This is a quick process that may involve some pressure but no pain. Then the glue that is left behind will be removed with a polisher. After all the glue is removed you will likely get fitted for a retainer. Use it! Love it! Make it your new best friend! Because this is the only way to keep those beautiful straight teeth from falling out of line. The last thing to do is take some final photos and X-rays to document all the hard work. Be sure to ask to look at your before and after pics…It’s really incredible to see!

Now that you are brace free and sporting a new smile, there are a few normal things to note about what happens in your mouth after your braces are gone. First, your gums may appear red and inflamed for a few days. This is nothing to worry about and will resolve itself as you and your mouth adjust to life without braces. You also need to note that while you can enjoy all the popcorn, candy, and sodas you want now….FINALLY!!…..it’s still important to brush and floss every day to keep your new smile clean and cavity free! 

Always SMILE!